Insurances for Aviation Industry

This policy cover is taken to replace or repair accidental loss or damage caused to an aircraft; along with other things, it covers the standard parts that were temporarily detached during the flight of the aircraft. This policy also covers third parties and the legal liability of passengers.

This policy is aimed at covering the loss or damage caused to an aircraft while it’s in-flight or taxing on the ground. It also covers the liability to third parties and passengers.

Aircraft Hull War Risks Policy: This policy covers indemnity for loss or damage to the aircraft caused due to war or any other act of foreign enemies and strikes, riots, or worker disturbances. The policy also provides cover for the accidental or deliberate losses incurred due to political or terrorist acts; as well as any acts of sabotage.

This is basically a group personal accident insurance policy that is provided to operators in the airline industry for offering benefits to crew members in case of any injury caused due to accident.

This policy is affected by a manufacturer of aircraft parts, or a repairer that takes care of the risk resulting due to faulty design or imperfect repairing. The maker or the repairer is indemnified with all the sums that he might have to pay because of defective manufacturing.