Services We Offer

  Portfolio Management:

  • Detailed analysis of the existing policies
  • Study the additional requirements of the Client based on nature of their business
  • Design suitable Insurance Program for easy handling of their insurance portfolio
  • Arrange risk inspection (where required) for presenting the risk properly to the Insurers

  Underwriting Management:

  • Prepare detailed quote request providing all the necessary details for Insurers to submit competitive quotation & including all add-on covers suitable to the client’s business
  • Ensure participation of all Insurers in the quotation process
  • Verify the quotations received with the quote request and negotiations with Insurers on coverage & premium
  • Recommendations to client submitting in detail the quotes received and their analysis
  • Scrutiny of the Policy

  Claims Management:

  • Intimate the claim to Insurance Company and ensure appointment of Surveyor within 24 hours from the claim intimation
  • Provide guidance to the client in arranging the claim documents
  • Arrange to forward the claim documents to the Insurer/ Surveyor
  • Follow up with the Surveyor for releasing his report to the Insurers and follow up with Insurer for settlement of the claim
  • Arrange the settlement details to the client