Why Insurance Broker?

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Benefits To Clients

  • Insurance Broker acts on behalf of the client and can place business with any insurance company
  • Insurance Broker functions as per the regulations of IRDAI
  • Insurance Broker has to maintain at all times minimum capital as prescribed by IRDAI (Our paid up capital is INR 27,260,000)
  • Insurance Broker maintains fixed deposit (Our fixed deposit is INR 5,000,000) with lien to IRDAI
  • Insurance Broker has to maintain Professional Indemnity insurance to ensure protection to policyholders (Our professional indemnity is for limit of INR 170,000,000)
  • Has thorough knowledge of insurance market and insurance products
  • Avoids confusion to the client in selection of insurers and products
  • Services are free to the client as remuneration is paid by insurers. Client has to issue Mandate to Insurance Broker as per IRDAI regulations
  • Understands insurance requirements of the client fully
  • Obtains the most competitive quotes from the market resulting in savings to the client
  • Recommends suitable insurance policy depending on the need
  • Recommends suitable insurance company based on solvency margins, financial strengths, service, claim settlement & other parameters
  • Scrutinizes the insurance policies and will get the errors rectified by insurers, if any, before the policies are given to the clients
  • Delivers the policies to the client immediately
  • Maintains clients’ insurance records i.e. policies, endorsements, reports & claims
  • Ensures timely intimation to insurers on additions/deletions under various policies
  • Provides Risk Management services like Risk Inspection, Risk Analysis and recommendations on Risk Minimization
  • Provides prompt service during claims and ensures immediate settlement of claims
  • Ensures proper & hassle-free settlement of claims by acting as bridge between the client and insurers
  • Safeguards the interest of the client throughout the policy period as well as during the claims
  • Ensures timely renewals by sending renewal intimations well in advance
  • Keeps the client well informed about the changes in the insurance market from time to time and will get any such benefits in favour of the client
  • Motivates employees of the client by introducing suitable welfare oriented insurance policies to the employees, which will result in increased output
  • Maintain the records of the policies and claims of the Clients
  • Maintain confidentiality of information

Need for Excellent Insurance Broking

  • Licensed by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in the First Batch of licensees as Direct Broker - Highest possible seniority
  • Upgraded as Composite Broker in July 2013
  • Corporate responsibility - Public Limited company
  • Established in August 1999
  • High professional & technical competencies
  • Highly qualified & experienced professionals from insurance, engineering, finance & medicine
  • Infrastructure facilities- 7000 sft office, State–of-the-Art Technology
  • Rich experience- provided consultancy & broking services to various Govt. / Govt. Undertakings and Corporate clients
  • Market reputation and image
  • Access to all top rated insurance companies
  • Value driven company
  • Reputed client base
  • Provides high standard risk management services to the clients through highly qualified & experienced technical team
  • High business standards & ethics
  • Your trusted partner
  • Highly skilled in designing suitable & tailor-made policies to best suit the clients’ needs
  • Best negotiation skills to ensure the most competitive premium rates
  • Ensures prompt & perfect settlement of claims
  • Round the clock service


Insurance Broker is a professional who acts on behalf of the client and can place business with any insurance company.
Seniority, track record, services extended and professionalism.
No, the premium is inclusive of Broker's remuneration.
Yes, they are under regulations of IRDAI i.e. Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India.
This is a worldwide concept and is introduced in India in 2002.
No, services can be extended anywhere in India.
Yes, at the time of renewal of the policies.
Yes, as they deal with all Insurance Companies and thus all products are available to them at one place. By virtue of their knowledge, experience & exposure, Insurance Brokers are more professional than others.
Direct Broker: General only
Direct Broker: Life only
Direct Broker: General & Life
Reinsurance Broker
Composite broker: who carry out Direct and Reinsurance broking
Yes, for the policies taken through them. For claims under policies taken with agents / banks / directly with insurers, we handle at mutually agreed fee.

You name the policy - We give the insurer

You name the insurer - We give the policy